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Apostle Timothy Fryar, an anointed man of God with a fresh word for the Kingdom, is the founder and Lead Pastor of Christ Centered Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Timothy is an entrepreneur, psalmist, noted songwriter, composer, producer, music director, and worship leader with a powerful and prophetic anointing. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, Timothy accepted Jesus Christ at an early age at Oak Grove Freewill Baptist Church under the pastorate of Reverend Z. D. Harris. 

In 1991, Timothy moved to Atlanta, Georgia, attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue a degree in Music Entertainment Management, and was licensed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1996. After completing his degree program to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Education from Beulah Heights University, serving in the Worship & Arts departments of local ministries in Atlanta, and founding Christ Centered Church in 2005, he founded his consulting firm, The ReGroup, where he consults ministries, corporate entities, and individuals through innovative and God-breathed strategies producing solutions that lead to emotional intelligence and successful teams. Timothy Fryar is also a certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach. 

Most recently, Timothy Fryar was mantled and sent as an Apostle to the Body of Christ in the summer of 2023 by Dr. Dharius Daniels, Spiritual Leader of Change Church. Timothy Fryar exists to develop people, to build, plant, tear down, and uproot as God leads and guides him. He balances his life and ministry with his wife and purpose partner, Pastor Porscha Fryar, and he is the proud father of Timothy II (Deceased), Megan, Kendall, Kyle, Johnathan, and the step-father of Paris, India, London, D’Wayne II, and Milan. Apostle Timothy Fryar lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Entrepreneur, YouVersion partner, author, wife, mom and inspirational speaker

Armed with a ton of faith, Porscha founded her first company in 2011. She set out to create a company that looked exactly like her: strong, resilient and truthful, a company rooted in service and storytelling, and a company she could be proud of. 

Becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 24 has given Porscha 13+ years of experience in the area of business, but becoming a single mother at the age of 19 gave Porscha a unique perspective on life and love. After salvation at the age of 24 she committed and chose a life lived for God, in spite of difficulties from debt to divorce, God still  found use for her in His Kingdom.


Porscha's passions lie with women and community with a focus on Godly connections and life- changing stories. She is a member of NAACP, NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists), GSLABJ (Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists), PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), and studied Broadcast & Print Journalism at the University of Missouri Columbia (MIZZOU). She then went on to study Theology at Midwest Bible College. 

Porscha founded her women's empowerment network, ('The Ruby Network' ) in 2019, where she uplifts and encourages Godly women in pursuit of a purpose filled life. Most recently, in April of 2022, she founded LCCN (Ladies of Christ Centered Nation). The first ever women's ministry for Christ Centered Church in Atlanta, GA. 

Porscha has became a YouVersion Bible Plan Partner in 2021 with the penning of her hit plan titled 'If You're Terrified, You're on the Right Track: A 5 Day Guide to Finishing for God's Girls'. With over 4,800+ downloads, the plan is doing well and Porscha looks forward to transitioning into small groups, conferences. The accompanying 40 page Ebook is now available for purchase!

In the spring of 2023, Apostle Tim Fryar, with the blessing of leadership and witnesses, installed her as Women's Pastor of Christ Centered Church. In addition to leading the Communications Team, in this new role, Pastor Porscha continues to oversee LCCN, teaches monthly and leads the Intercessory Prayer Team of Christ Centered Nation,


Porscha currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and her children. She enjoys travel to her hometown, St. Louis, Missouri and visits with her extended family in North Carolina. In her world, faith is a must, hugs are frequent and the coffee is always hot! 

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