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find LIFE, find STRENGTH, discover PURPOSE and embrace CONNECTIONS! 

We help people replace a Self-Centered Life with a Christ-Centered Life.

  • Christ Centered Church empowers people to replace a self-centered life with a Christ-centered life. 

  • The mission of Christ Centered Church is to Worship, Work and Win. 

    Worship: To pursue a more intimate relationship with God. 

    Work:  To partner with God to establish a Christ centered culture in the earth.   

    Win: To proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to win the lost.

  • We believe in God: There is only one God, the world belongs to him.

    We believe in Jesus Christ: He is our savior and He is first in everything.

    We love all people and believe everyone has value: We are committed to connecting people to God through Jesus Christ.

    We are called to love and serve one another: It is the trademark of discipleship.

    We lead with generosity: Giving is a privilege.

    We welcome all who worship with us: We have received grace and mercy. We will pay it forward.