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Membership at Christ Centered Church is not about adding your name to a roster; it's about connecting with the people and the vision of the church.   Experience the Difference 

We invite you to come to Christ Centered Church several times to see and experience the difference our church can make in your life. If Christ Centered seems like the church for you, we encourage you to attend our Core Essentials Membership Class.   


Calibrate Course: fervent, prayer disciplines  | 4 weeks

In this course, you’ll learn how to understand what it means to pray fervently with clarity and clearly identify strategies to pray with power!


Facilitator: Pastor Porscha

Over 4 weeks we will cover:

● Fervent Prayer Disciplines

● Prayer Strategy (Targeted prayers)

● How to Pray the Scriptures & See Victory

● Understanding Our Adversary and Uncovering Deception

Join us for a powerful journey that will walk you through a door that will forever change the way you love God, others and yourself! 


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A MESSAGE FROM Apostle Tim and Pastor Porscha 

Figuring out next steps when you're on the journey of self-discovery can be challenging. We're here to encourage you to keep trying and most importantly to try God. He loves you and cares so much for you. Salvation through Jesus Christ is a gift and we know that heaven rejoices with every soul that's saved! Are you ready to join the body of Christ? If so, someone is ready to walk with you through the process. If you've already received salvation and you're ready to select a mature place to hear, study and live out the Word of God alongside a group of on fire believers, we'd love to have you as a member of Christ Centered Church! And, don't forget to join Christ Centered Nation! It's a great option for discipleship, motivation, and daily encouragement in God. Get connected and find out why our Vision to "Empower People to Replace a Self-Centered Life with a Christ-Centered Life" is producing fruit in the Kingdom of God. We invite you to "Worship, Work & Win" with us!

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